Ultrasonic Tube Resonator

Ultrasonic Tube Resonator are the best choice for cleaning the oil, rust & scale inside the hard-to-reach interior of metal tubes with its cylinder formation. They will less likely be restricted by the influence of the volume of solutions & tanks and temperature differences, so the output power is always steady.

Besides, they are also frequently found in pharmaceutical and chemical industries for experiments & with strong capacities in accelerating the reaction of chemicals and extracting oil components & diesel.

Beijing Ultrasonic, as a professional provider of ultrasonic transducers, will help you custom the suitable titanium alloy and stainless-steel ultrasonic rod transducers with required voltage & flange sizes according to your special purposes & financial plan.

Features of Ultrasonic Tube Resonator
  • 360° Cleaning: There are no dead spots in cleaning because the ultrasonic waves radiate in all directions along the rods, washing all the surface & even corners in your tanks.
  • Best Solutions for Demanding Tasks: In cylindrical formation, our rods are the ideal choice for the cleaning of the hard-to-reach inners of tubes & sewage treatment. Besides, the titanium alloy used for our featured rod transducers featuring excellent resistance to corrosion & heat & pressure enables the normal and continuous operation at temperatures up to 130°C.
  • More Economical Option: Rod transducers have advantages of the low loss of efficiency & more power, which reduce the wash-cycle time. They also require less time & space for maintenance and installation, improving your production efficiency & bring you more profits.

Ultrasonic SS Tube Resonator

Ultrasonic Power: 180 Watt, 360 Watt, 600 Watt, 1200 Watt & 1500 Watt
Frequency: 28 Khz & 40 Khz
Tube Material: SS 304
Tube Material Thickness: SS 1.5 mm
OD of the Tube: 28Khz 60 mm & 40 Khz 52 mm
Key function in the Generator: Power Switch, Ultrasonic Power +/-, 60 Min Timer or Continues & Sweep Frequency PLC Point, Ultrasonic Power Point & Fuse
Function On Display Panel: Frequency, Timer, Amp, Ultrasonic Power +/-, Etc.